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Welcome to RhythmCycle!

Indoor cycling can be intimidating, but at RhythmCycle our instructors will make you feel comfortable. Starting with getting you set up with shoes and on your bike so that it is the max comfort for your size. Our team will describe how the class works as we strive to make our riders as comfortable as possible. We recommend if this is your first class to just sit in the saddle (bike seat) most of the time and observe. Get used to the feeling of a the bike and the gear. Every class has every level in it. We do offer Beginner Classes if you’d prefer that for your first time. We do offer private lessons and instructor workshops. For more information please send us an email

Listed below, are some things you should know before signing up for your first class. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call us at the studio (480) 661-7746 or email us

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  1. Signing Up - You must register as a new rider before you can take a class. 
  2. Purchase Class - You must purchase a class or series BEFORE you can reserve a spot in a class.
  3. Reserve a Spot - Login to your RhythmCycle account and select your class.
  4. Cancellation Policy - In order to cancel a class you must unreserved by 6pm the previous night. Once your bike is cancelled, the class will be returned to your account to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded. If you haven't cancelled your bike by 6pm the night before, your scheduled class will be charged to your series. You can cancel your reservation in the following ways: 1) Log into your account and, next to the class you wish to cancel, press "unreserve." 2) Call the studio to cancel the class for you. We know stuff happens - or just send us an email if you get in a bind.
  5. Cycling Shoes - If you plan to bring your own cycle shoes, we highly recommend using Look Delta clips, but our pedals are also SPD compatible. We have "loaner" cycle shoes in the studio you’re welcome to use those – FREE. We do not guarantee your size will be available. We recommend you use shoes that clip into the bike. Clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride and targets the correct muscle groups.
  6. Water & Towels - Bring an 8oz water bottle, large cold water bottles are available in the studio - $2. Bring your favorite workout towel or your welcome to use one of ours. We also sell awesome RhythmCycle spin towels. 
  7. Arrive Early - Arrive 20 minutes before class starts if you need help setting up your bike and shoes.

Our RhythmCyclists and Instructors are all very helpful so if you need anything or if you see that someone needs a helping hand, or positive encouragement – let’s look out for one another.

Happy Riding!!

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